Water Getting Under Marble Shower Floor
Posted by Mike on May 19, 2004 at 18:06:34:
I have a marble shower with a one piece floor. When they installed the pan, then the mud base and then the prefab marble floor, the metal drain that you can see when you look down at the floor stopped about 1/2" from the PVC pipe that came up from the foundation. In addition the seal between the metal/brass drain and the marble floor is broke. So what happens is water draining out gets under the marble floor because of the bad seal as well as thru the 1/2" space that allows it to seep into the mud layer and under the marble floor.

As a result, after a few weeks the water builds up and ends up coming out along the sides of the marble floor thru the caulking that is supposed to seal the floor to the side marble pieces.

It took 15 years before the problem 1st occurred. About 1 year ago I figured out what was wrong and solved it this way. I got a 1 1/2" PVC pipe with a threaded end. I screwed on a metal ring (like from a pressure fitting you use under sink drains. That allowed me to put the pipe down the drain and get the end of it at least 2" below the 1/2" space between the metal drain and the PVC pipe in the foundation. Then I flooded the metal drain in the floor hole with Silicon Caulk to seal the floor/flange leak and the new pipe than went down the hole so that all water could go nowhere but down th3 drain.

This worked for a year. Theh the problem started again and I noticed that all the caulk was loose and water was getting under it and thus under the floor. I wqas able to pull up the caulking as one big round flat piece.

Taking apart the shower would be too expensive. I' curous is anyone has any ides or is what I'm doing the only way and I just have to live with redoing it yearly? Is there a better caulk that would never unseal? IS there a glue that would be better?


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