Re: Basement in floor plumbing - how many bends??
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 19, 2004 at 12:45:03:
In response to Re: Basement in floor plumbing - how many bends??
: To clarify some points:
: Lines are drain lines for a bathroom (shower, vanity,toilet) and a washing machine with stationary tub. Was told "no 90 degree bends (even wide sweep) in the horizontal drain lines". Also was told that washing machine had to be "first" on the drain line (closest to ejector pit), which made sense. I believe all in drain lines must be a minimum of 2". Is 3" still OK for a toilet or must that be upgraded to 4"?

Minimum drain line under ground should be 2" and 3" should be OK for a water closet.

One more point a lot of codes still did not take into account the 1.6 GPF and still size new installations by the older 3.5 GPF.

About the no 90 degree long sweeps What code are you using??

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