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Posted by Weogo on May 19, 2004 at 00:42:59:
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Hi Mike,

: It looks like I'll have to drill about 250-300' for a well at my new house. Is this deep or is it about average?

These days that is a reasonable well depth.
Don't count too much on that being the depth till the well is in and producing the volume you need...

: Also, about how much will this cost? I know only a ballpark figure could be given, but that's all I need to come up with an overall budget to construct the house.

A friend in the North Carolina mountains was just quoted $3000, but this may not mean anything in your area.
Lots of variables here - depth is one, quantity another, how far you are from the nearest driller, is there solid Granite under this piece of property, etc.?
Will the driller guarantee 'X' amount of water for 'X' amount of money or drill by the foot?

: I have a 1 acre foot share and the well can supply up to 4000 gallons per min... (That should be enough...) How do I keep the wellhead from freezing?

Depends. Am guessing you aren't in Miami?
A solid, insulated well house with heat tape on the pipes can work in many locations.

: About how much will a pressure tank system cost?

The bigger the tank, the less often your pump motor has to strain to life(Make sure your pump is adequately sized or plan on replacing regularly!).
$300 will get you a nice size tank and pressure switch.

Any way you can pump to cistern above your house and have gravity water when the power goes out, the pump dies, or the backhoe operator working on the drainage ditch cuts the line?

Good health, Weogo

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