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Posted by hj on May 18, 2004 at 19:32:29:
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Stop sucking up to him. There are a lot of variations to the various codes, and that does not make them "bottom feeders". The proposed additons to the plumbing code will make Sylvan go ballistic. Especially if they incorporate the Philadelphia one pipe drain system that uses the main stack as a combination waster and vent stack. He hates "wet venting" but that variation is wet venting to the Nth degree.

: : : : I am sorry my wet vent question caused such vitriolic verbiage. I'll try another help forum. I would have preferred the experts concentrated on educating me rahter than defending themselves.

: : : : Thank you for your time.

: : : If you read posts above and below, you will understand that it is not you or your questions. This has been going on for awhile.
: : : It is only fair that you understand that wet venting is not shoddy, bottom of the barrel plumbing. It is an acceptable plumbing method that works fine, some think better. I have never seen any drainage/vent problems caused because something was wet vented (if that wet vent was done according to code).
: : : I do urge you to post your question on another forum.
: : : Deb
: : : The Pipewench

: : Sylvan is definitely over-the-top and does not state the best plumbing practices nor straight forward honesty with a customer. I have found that Deb has responded with best practices most often of all respondents. LonnythePlumber

: I must agree with Deb as a plumbing engineer I know many folks do want or cant afford the kind of quality Sylvan is suggesting.

: Sylvan, you have to realize your NYC code is one of the tops in the country and many codes do not even come close to the caliber of plumbing NYC is blessed with.

: Personally I would have you do the plumbing on my jobs in a heart beat, but like you said many folks are thinking bottom line practices so learn to over it as I have and just shake your head no.

: Remember, someone has to do bottom line plumnbing may as well accept the poor codes and even poorer installers.

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