Re: Basement in floor plumbing - how many bends??
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 18, 2004 at 14:48:04:
In response to Re: Basement in floor plumbing - how many bends??
: I am laying out the drain and vent lines in our basement before the basement floor is poured. I was told by the plumbing inspector that the drains could not have a 90 degree bend. I have two lines that will require 2 45 degree bends about 6 feet apart to get around a large pad that has already been poured. Is that OK and is there any limit to how many 45's you can have in a drain line?

Your inspector said no 90 Degee bends?

Ask HER what is a lead bend considered?

Also if "drains" can't have a 90 degree angle WE had better never tell her that a trap is 180 degrees and thus doubly illegal is that what she is saying?

I would try to get another inspectors opinion who is not PMS that day.

I can understand no 1/4 bends or short sweeeps BUT to say no 90 degree angle something is wrong.

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