Re: Studor valve for bar sink
Posted by ED on May 17, 2004 at 19:36:10:
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Studor Valve or Oatey ShurVent or Shur Vent II, etc. These MUST be installed in accessible location because they must be able to breathe to function properly. They open to let pressure in to drain properly and close to prevent sewer gas from escaping. They are also prone to mechanical failure after some point in time, usually many years. Cost is 10 - 20 bucks depending on model.

: Studer is a trade name for an inline vent AKA air admitance valve. They are available at any plumbing supply house. They just screw into a 1- 1/2" PVC or ABS female adapter. Just be sure to install it where you can reach it in the unlike event of failure.

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