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Posted by ED on May 17, 2004 at 19:20:29:
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I hope you will continue to advise people on this forum. Your answers are sound advice. Sylvan may be a learned person, but sometimes you want the quick and easy, to-the-point answer, not a dissertation on why one method is superior over the other. Although some people need that method too, reading some of the posts here for over the year I have been surfing this forum.

ALso another twist on the wet venting issue. Maybe Sylvan would calm down on this one, but I am unsure. Consider a wet vent by increasing the pipe size by one unit. Then all that slime will take longer to accumulate or it will be easier to snake out the drain. Example - two inch drain code for shower, right? Use a three inch drain [pipe] for a wet vent (within critical distance of course). Use three inch P-trap just run the vertical drop from the shower drain into the three inch trapped drain. Should work beautifully. Of course all submain drain pipe in this line must be three inches.

: I am remodeling a bathroom and want to change the position of the fixtures. Presently I do not see that the lav,wc, or tub are vertically vented. I do not understand wet venting. The bathroom is about 4 1/2 feet wide, 7' long. The soil pipe is at the end, under the joist, horizontal. As you walk in I want the fixtures on the left--lav, wc, left hand tub. Can you tell me how to rough the drain and vent for UPC.

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