Basement toilet stub flush
Posted by Daniel Hodges on May 17, 2004 at 15:11:40:
I'm looking to install a toilet in my basement. The plumbing was roughed in and the lino is down around the stub which is sticking up through the slab.

The problem is that the slab was poured around the pipe and there is no space to slip a flange over the end of the ABS stub (not yet cut) unless I excavate the conctrete from around it. A flange that sits inside the pipe is a good idea but that would leave the flange about an inch or so above the lino floor.

I have seen brass flanges that look like they would sit flush with the floor. Is this the best thing to use? Use a masonary bit and bolt it to the floor and use closet bolts to hold the toilet with a wax gasket?

If so how much above the floor should I cut the stub that will sit inside the brass ring?

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