Re: Water on the floor, not in the toilet!?!?!
Posted by Gary Swart on May 17, 2004 at 01:30:28:
In response to Re: Water on the floor, not in the toilet!?!?!
The reason the toilet is overflowing is the main drain is plugged. When a drain is plugged, the water will come out the first opening it comes to. Why a toilet in the basement? Perhaps they intended to make a second bathroom, or maybe the husband had a workshop down there and didn't want to track up the main floor. Anyway, to the problem at hand. Call a plumber to auger the drain. DO NOT pour chemicals into it and forget about a small hand auger. Then, if you really don't want the toilet there, it can easily be removed and the drain capped. Of course, if the drain continues to plug, the water will find the next opening, so be sure the drain is not only clear of the clog, but has no broke places that will snag debris. A video will do this easily.

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