Re: rough for bathroom
Posted by Deb on May 16, 2004 at 12:26:35:
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: I am sorry my wet vent question caused such vitriolic verbiage. I'll try another help forum. I would have preferred the experts concentrated on educating me rahter than defending themselves.

: Thank you for your time.

If you read posts above and below, you will understand that it is not you or your questions. This has been going on for awhile.
It is only fair that you understand that wet venting is not shoddy, bottom of the barrel plumbing. It is an acceptable plumbing method that works fine, some think better. I have never seen any drainage/vent problems caused because something was wet vented (if that wet vent was done according to code).
I do urge you to post your question on another forum.
The Pipewench

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