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Posted by hj on May 16, 2004 at 09:42:01:
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Almost everything is "watertight" if nothing backs up.

: : You have been working with lead bends too long. The person asked about a cast iron flange, which implies a cast iron bend, and you cannot "ping it over and solder the folded edges. << correct job".

: : : : I need to close off an old cast iron toilet flange without tearing up the floor. Can someone up?

: : : 1- Either solder on a cap

: : : 2- If it is PVC or CI or Galv use a no hub cap

: : : 3- put some news paper in the pipe about 4" deep and fill with cement or plaster

: : : 4- Ping the lead over solder the folded edges so your now water and gas tight << Correct Job

: : : The one above number 4 is easy cheap FIX much like an AAV installation used by infamous BBC's looking to get over folks

: HJ ever see a 4" galv Soil line using a CI flange either Caulked or SCREWED onto the existing piping DONT ASSUME its CI BUT if you had READ number TWO (2) I was covered

: Also I have seen STUMBLE BUMS attach CAST IRON Floor flanges to the floor with lead piping bent over the flange.

: AND HJ it is WATER tight as long as nothing backs up.

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