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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 16, 2004 at 02:16:17:
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: You have been working with lead bends too long. The person asked about a cast iron flange, which implies a cast iron bend, and you cannot "ping it over and solder the folded edges. << correct job".

: : : I need to close off an old cast iron toilet flange without tearing up the floor. Can someone up?

: : 1- Either solder on a cap

: : 2- If it is PVC or CI or Galv use a no hub cap

: : 3- put some news paper in the pipe about 4" deep and fill with cement or plaster

: : 4- Ping the lead over solder the folded edges so your now water and gas tight << Correct Job

: : The one above number 4 is easy cheap FIX much like an AAV installation used by infamous BBC's looking to get over folks

HJ ever see a 4" galv Soil line using a CI flange either Caulked or SCREWED onto the existing piping DONT ASSUME its CI BUT if you had READ number TWO (2) I was covered

Also I have seen STUMBLE BUMS attach CAST IRON Floor flanges to the floor with lead piping bent over the flange.

AND HJ it is WATER tight as long as nothing backs up.

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