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Posted by hj on May 15, 2004 at 23:57:20:
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You have to have been exposed to that person's diatribes for a few years to understand and ignore a good portion of what he posts.

: : I am remodeling a bathroom and want to change the position of the fixtures. Presently I do not see that the lav,wc, or tub are vertically vented. I do not understand wet venting. The bathroom is about 4 1/2 feet wide, 7' long. The soil pipe is at the end, under the joist, horizontal. As you walk in I want the fixtures on the left--lav, wc, left hand tub. Can you tell me how to rough the drain and vent for UPC.

: Wet venting is a perfectly acceptable method of plumbing under many (including UPC) plumbing codes. There are many of us that use wet venting methods (Terry, do you wet vent, allowed under WA code?) without any problems. It is very, very common to drain the lav on the water closet vent. There are numerous special rules associated with wet venting.
: There are some of us that rather resent being called a stumblebum because we plumb according to a widely used code (UPC).
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