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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 15, 2004 at 21:12:19:
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: : I am remodeling a bathroom and want to change the position of the fixtures. Presently I do not see that the lav,wc, or tub are vertically vented. I do not understand wet venting. The bathroom is about 4 1/2 feet wide, 7' long. The soil pipe is at the end, under the joist, horizontal. As you walk in I want the fixtures on the left--lav, wc, left hand tub. Can you tell me how to rough the drain and vent for UPC.

: Wet venting is a perfectly acceptable method of plumbing under many (including UPC) plumbing codes. There are many of us that use wet venting methods (Terry, do you wet vent, allowed under WA code?) without any problems. It is very, very common to drain the lav on the water closet vent. There are numerous special rules associated with wet venting.
: There are some of us that rather resent being called a stumblebum because we plumb according to a widely used code (UPC).
: Deb
: The Pipewench

Well, PW If one knows the proper job BUT decides to do bottom line practices and use lower quality materials and INFERIOR codes and feels this is right to do MORE POWER to them.

I am sure the folks who have a problem with Quest piping or the under slab heating failures really appreciate the installer taking the CHEAPER way out.

After all why not use wet venting and don't worry about the slime build up after all YOUR NOT living there so to hell with folks who TRUSTED their plumber to explain WHY individual venting is the way to go.

After all saving $30.00 can really make a difference in a plumbers life style.

Yup following minimum guide lines is how to make friends and influence people... RATHER then tell the code officials that they cannot think bottom line to help home builders stay within bottom line budget ets give folks safer and healthy places to live.

I remember as an apprentice asking WHY the World trade is not required to have a duel fire suppression system and the answer was the Port of Authority writes its own codes and thus they can choose to leave out the foam system that may have saved thousands of lives,

But, hey they followed a code NOT NYC approved so who cares right?

The extra piping (like an individual vent) would have cost money and people are replaceable am I correct?? bottom line pricing should set the standards right dear lady?

I Guess that is why in 1987 I bought two Mercedes a 560 SEL rather then the Yugo that was also government approved.

$127,000 (Luxury tax on any car over 30G) as opposed to $3,100 Yugo and my other Mercedes my 1987 190 2.316 Only cost $43,100.

Hey I was a dummy after all BOTH of these(Mercedes) cars drive to the same places as the Yugo and all three were imported so what is the big deal?

I like knowing I install piping according to a good code and I like being surrounded by quality

I gueess someone has to do Billy Butt Crack piping so we folks who do not look at bottom line jobs can demand more for our skills.

Guess poor codes and bad materials have to be done by someone so I do apologize for wanting to do work above bottom line.

Quest Rules, Yellow brass is great as it creates more work, PVC is amazing fuel in a fire and so easy to work with that why should any person hire a plumber when they can do the same job using PVC and AAV's?.

Foreign made supplies are great WHO needs ASME or ASTM or NBBI and NFPA as these codes only confuse folks.. NO MORE RATED Pressure vessels as one is just as good as another.

A Geo Prism is JUST as good and is just as legal to drive as Jaguar XJE 12 as BOTH are CODE (Government) approved so lets all think bottom line and forget trying to improve everyone quality of life.

The Billy Butt Crack code should prevail and save money, that is the correct line of thinking, I am sorry I thought "plumbers protect the health of the nation" my mistake dear lady

Lets no longer have any plumbing licenses as ALL plumbers are trained and qualified equally and ANY home owner can do plummin and heatin with a how to book where AAVs and wet venting is and plastic under slab piping is used.

It takes a real genius to install an AAV and at least 10 years training to learn how to cut and prime and glue plastic and wet vent piping systems

Plumbing should not be complex and comic book pictures should be made availabe in all codes as why complicate codes with suds pressure zones and ADA and Barrier free designs

I AGREE BBC PLUMBING IS the right Standard to use

Thank you

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