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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 15, 2004 at 13:06:11:
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: I am replacing an old gas HW heater that had a 4 in vent with a new unit that has a 3 in vent. Can I use 3 to 4 in reducer at the top of the heater and reuse the rest of the 4in vent pipes? It is about 5 feet from the heater to the chimniny.

Yes if the existing vent has no corrosion and is properly pitched up from the appliance and not near anything flammible unless it is double wall.

It is ok to go from SMALL to bigger.

Use the new draft diverter supplied and test for spillage and proper updraft.

The only time your concerned about relining the chiminey is if your going from a "wet fuel" like oil and going to a dry fuel like natural gas as the dry fuel mixing with the soot already in the chimney will cause acids to occur.

A duel fuel system (oil /gas) allows for this but a typical home you have nothing to worry about

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