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Posted by Gary Slusser on May 14, 2004 at 19:10:29:
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: : : 2nd bath (3 kids) has red tinged water with black particles settled on bottom. Thought it was old water heater, drained, same problem.

: : : Replaced steam boiler and at same time decided to replace 50 gal. with high cap. 80 gal. 3 KIDS.

: : : Same problem exists!
: : : It appears to be only in the HOT water. The cold is clear and particle free?
: : : My plumber said that some water on LONG ISLAND NY have high mineral content that reacts to the heat in the water heater? He suggests a filter on the OUT side of the hot water heater?
: : : Good Idea or not on the mark - Help drives my wife nuts

: : A lot of LI (Wantah, PlainView, Smithtown, ETC) water is well water with lots of mineral content.

: : I had a LI and Weschester Licenses and decided to concentrate on NYC, but I do remember installing filters prior to entering the hot water tanks to protect the tanks from mineral deposits being cooked inside the tank and possibly blocking the T&P.

: : I am normally against whole house filtration as why filter water being flushed down a toilet?

: : Have you water tested prior to installing any filters so you know what your up against.

: : Not all LI water I would consider potable no matter what the powers that be say.

: Have not tested the water yet was trying to determine the valididy of the filter concept.

: This is an old house and strange things happen.
: We have 3 baths but only 1 tub (in main bath).I do not notice any problem in the other "showers".
: Could any old piping for the tub be causing this or is it there in the showers and I don't see it beacuse there is no standing water?
: I do not get a metalic taste in the water which I thought I would if iron is present?

I define "minerals" as calcium, magnesium etc. and they are in solution until the water is heated. At that time they come out of solution (precipitate) and form scale. There is no filter that will remove that from the hot side of a water heater. You would want to prevent the formation of the scale which reguires removal of the 'minerals' that create it; you do that with a water softener. BUT... your problem is not caused by anything a softener removes unless you have ferrous (dissolved) iorn and/or mnganese cuased problems. Usually black is maganese and/or H2S and hot water only odor is cuased by sulfate, iron and maganese reducing type bacteria that thrive in a water heater when the temp is less than 140f.

Another cause of rusty water and black particles is galvanized pipe or nipples rusting and corroding.

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