Re: Basement floor rough-ins in wrong location
Posted by e-plumber on May 14, 2004 at 10:52:33:
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: Hello,
: I'm in the process of laying out my unfinished basement. The plumbing roughs that exist are highlighted in my example image. The main stack is to the bottom right of the image.

: My question is, without ripping the floor up, is it possible to achieve the layout as I've shown it here? Could I build a small step-up to allow the existing rough-ins to be connected to the fixtures as I've shown them?

: Or am I best to get the floor ripped up and the rough-ins re-run? I'd rather not do that because I'm sure it would cost quite a bit.

: Thanks in advance!
: Tyler

The right way to achieve what you want would be to open the floor, relocate the drainage and venting piping as needed. It'll cost a few bucks more now but the finished result will be worth it.
Make sure you have it inspected and approved.

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