Laundry Tub
Posted by nick on May 13, 2004 at 13:19:42:

I have an extremely small laundry room and I would like to install a laundry tub next my stacked washer and dryer. I could drain the washing machine into the tub; however I would love to be able to connect the sink into the current plumbing for the washing machine. The house was just built three months ago and sits on the ground level with a basement obviously below.

If I attempt to install the drain for the laundry sink into the current washing machine drain stack I was informed that I would need to branch the pipe after the trap for the washing machine. With this in mind, I now believe that the best location for the branch is the horizontal pipe between the stud and the PVC from above. Since this will be two horizontal connections I believe that I will need to use a 2" X 2" X 11/2" Reducing Wye.

Here is a crude diagram of the current layout or click the following link

|||| | ||| | |||
|||| | ||| | |||
|||| | ||| | |||
|||| | ||| | |||
|||| | ||| | |||
||||----|-------|||--|| |||
|||| ||| u |||
|||| ||| |||

/\ /\ /\ /\
|| || || ||
End P S stack pip
Of V t + trap
Wall C u from
d washing machine


The Stack Pipe to the bottom of the trap is 30"
The trap is 12" off of the floor
The distance between the stud and the drain on the left is 11"
PVC = 2"
After the pvc enters the end of the wall it takes a 90 turn into the basement

My questions are

1) Is this even feasible
2) Will this just cause more problems?
3) Do I have any other alternatives besides the option of draining the washer into the sink?

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