Re: drain? odor from dishwasher
Posted by sc on May 12, 2004 at 01:05:28:
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Well, my husband is the one who installed the dishwasher--but keep in mind he is mechanically inclined and can fix/repair just about anything. So he double-checked everything and looked over the pic/diagram for 1st time dw installer and swears everything he did is there. However, the smell is still there. It doesn't come thru the drains on the sink nor from inside the dw--just in the cabinets that house the pipes. One thing I do know is that he put a small hole in the cap covering one of the pipes as the air vent. Would that be something???He must be overlooking something so any other suggestions are welcome. I'm at the point where calling a specialist is inevitable. It's probably a simple duh thing, but we've pretty much exhausted our options. Thanx! sc

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