Re: Adding a 2nd A/C Zone
Posted by jimbo on May 11, 2004 at 21:56:25:
In response to Re: Adding a 2nd A/C Zone
: Without any knowledge of the piping system in your house, let me offer this: A gas dryer is probably the smallest appliance connected to gas. Consequently, the contractor MAY have installed very small pipe to service it. A furnace is a much larger load; if the pipe run is too long and/or pipe is too small, you will starve the furnace for gas.

The requirements to provide combustion air for a gas burning appliance are very strict. Failure to comply with code requirements can cause (a)improper operation of the appliance and (b) DEATH of the homeowner.

Improper installation of the flue can cause (a) and (b) above plus (c) FIRE.

I do not come on this forum to scare people, but there are things you should not do yourself.

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