Re: red tinged water w/ black particles
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 11, 2004 at 19:37:07:
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: 2nd bath (3 kids) has red tinged water with black particles settled on bottom. Thought it was old water heater, drained, same problem.

: Replaced steam boiler and at same time decided to replace 50 gal. with high cap. 80 gal. 3 KIDS.

: Same problem exists!
: It appears to be only in the HOT water. The cold is clear and particle free?
: My plumber said that some water on LONG ISLAND NY have high mineral content that reacts to the heat in the water heater? He suggests a filter on the OUT side of the hot water heater?
: Good Idea or not on the mark - Help drives my wife nuts

A lot of LI (Wantah, PlainView, Smithtown, ETC) water is well water with lots of mineral content.

I had a LI and Weschester Licenses and decided to concentrate on NYC, but I do remember installing filters prior to entering the hot water tanks to protect the tanks from mineral deposits being cooked inside the tank and possibly blocking the T&P.

I am normally against whole house filtration as why filter water being flushed down a toilet?

Have you water tested prior to installing any filters so you know what your up against.

Not all LI water I would consider potable no matter what the powers that be say.

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