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Posted by Deb on May 11, 2004 at 11:07:21:
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: Hi,

: I'm trying to install a new slip-fit tub spout. There are 2 problems:
: - pipe is springy (if I push the spout towards the wall pipe is hiding inside, the closest I can get is 5 mm between the wall and the edge of the spout);
: - it is leaking (when the water is flown it is leaking between the pipe and the spout).

: I can't put any tape on the pipe as it becomes to think for the spout.

: Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

: Thanks,
: Aiby

Read the directions. This will tell you how much to cut the tub spout. If this were my house, I would go in behind and secure the tub spout so that it wasn't springy. The o-ring that seals all this must not be damaged in ANY way. If it has rolled or has a small divot out of it from pushing the copper on, it must be replaced. There is a set screw to tighten the spout once it is on and in the right position.
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