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Posted by Hube on May 10, 2004 at 14:26:49:
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: I have a new water conditioner and new well. The water is currently coming through at 60psi which my conditioner guy says is to much. Have a Pumptrol valve. How Do I adjust this and the pressure tank to take me to 40 - 50 psi?
: Thanks

To LOWER both... the on and off pressure, turn the LARGE nut CCW. Try a half turn at a time and check it out. The small nut is for raising or lowering the cut-off pressure ONLY, and in this case you should not have to adjust it. When you obtain the pressure you like, drain the tank of all water, and make sure it has 2 psi air below the cut-in setting. Example; Cut-in = 30, tank = 28. A setting differential of 20 is best,eg; 30-50...35-55....40-60 Good luck...Hube

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