Re: 2" shower drain to 1-1/2" tub drain?
Posted by hj on May 10, 2004 at 08:29:32:
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Either you have to replace the entire pipe, or make the change in sizes at the pipe going up to the shower drain. The proper thing would be to increase the pipe to 2". You cannot reduce the size of the drain after the trap or you will create a "pond" in the pipe that will cause innumerable problems, not the least of which would be a drain that might not be able to be snaked in the event of a stoppage.

: i am currently taking out an old cast iron tub from a 1959 house bathroom and replacing it with a shower. the new shower drain is 2" and the old tub drain line was 1-1/2" to the stack.

: can i use a flexible couple to join the two lines - will i create a problem - or do i need to change out the line all the way to the cast iron stack. it is only about 2 feet of drain line but the connection to the iron stack is tight and quite hidden away.

: this seems like it would be a common problem for renovations - what is the best way to handle it?

: thanks

: jc

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