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Posted by Gary Slusser on May 08, 2004 at 19:37:29:
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: : : I saw a message on your website dated 9/8 from a person named Les, don't know what year describing my exact same problem. We, too, finally decided to install a water softener. The water softener is softening the water, but we have a horrendous odor (both hot and cold water) that smells like burnt plastic. It is not the rotten egg smell people talk about where you have to replace the hot water heater anode rod. I never could access the answers to the other person's same questions. Please help. Our plumber has never heard of this problem and thought I was nuts until I got on the Internet and found someone else did, too.

: : What brand of softener, control valve and/or resin do you have?

: : Gary
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: Hi, Gary,

: Thanks for responding. It's a Watco 1-piece 30,000 grain Autotrol 255 Control Valve. Last night my husband and I were smelling the water, and he said it smelled more like fish to him, but so far there's no evidence of brine leakage. It was tipped over in transit and immediately uprighted, but when the plumber came to install it, he did not detect any damage.

I think you should speak to the manufacturer and see if they have had other complaints of this. It may be resin or water related. the softener may have umasked something in the water now that the hardnes etc. has been removed. It is a very uncommon complaint.

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