Toilet Disaster
Posted by Jason on May 08, 2004 at 04:59:22:
The other day I was sitting downstairs and someone upstairs flushed the toilet, I heard what sounded like a water falling in an unfinished closet below the bathroom. When I opened the door, sure enough there was water.

I removed the toilet and found a MESS! The flange is a mess and had obviously been partially repaired in the past, there was the original metal ring partially rusted out and a new one that was bent real good. It appears that when another layer of plywood and tile was put down in the bathroom that the flange was simply rigged, it is barely connected to the subfloor, long screws go through the metal ring with a 1" gap and then into the floor. Basically the second layer of subfloor that was added does not come near the flange.

1) Is this correct in any way? I though that when adding another layer of subfloor that the subfloor should but right up against the drain pipe and the flange be secured to it, is this correct? There is basically a channel around the drainpipe/flange and the second layer of subfloor.

2) How do I know if I need to replace the subfloor, there has obviously been water in it but how do you know when it has to be replaced?

3) Most important, with the toilet off the draim pipe was just sitting open, I placed duct tape over it, should this be good enough to stop gas from coming out until I figure out what I am gonna do? (likely weeks if the subfloor has to be redone)


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