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Posted by cold shower on May 07, 2004 at 22:14:18:
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Thanks, Vince, most of these issues I have thought of and I know that I need to look more into some of them. I will get a plumber for sure. I just look at boards like this as a way to get a few opinions quickly and easily. That way I save myself and some professionals some time if there are some generous posters willing to put in some time pushing buttons.

I have gas and plan to stay with that. There are heavy planks on the floor already in that area. The furnace, AC evaporator and air handler are already up there, but about 20 feet from where the water heater would go. The long water line I mentioned is the longest in the house and it is the COLD that supplies the water heater and laundry room.

I know that codes change, but a home (nearby) that we rented, before we bought this one, had a fairly-recently installed water heater that was relocated to the attic. Its predecessor was outside of a shed at least 30 feet from the house. Access is at least as good in our current home although the head space might be tighter. I can not remember for sure. We have some big pull-down stairs in a hallway not more than 20 feet from where I want to put it.

I should have mentioned that it is very common to locate water heaters in attics here. Just about anything built in the last 40 years is slab construction and before that it was raised.

What is your take on the PB pipe threat?

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