Re: moving water heater
Posted by Vince on May 07, 2004 at 21:30:48:
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Let's make the assumption you are putting in an electric water heater.

Gas water heater will require a permit and then you will need a plumber for several reasons.

You can not just throw the water heater in the attic. There are minimum space requirements with access, you need to check your local code, and then there is a weight issue. You are putting 420 to 450 pounds on ceiling supports not counting the weight of further wood and plywood for the walkway and supporting floor for the water heater. Sit there, look at the ceiling a few moments, and think about this...

As for existing plumbing. Tear out as much as you can when you can and replace with copper. Reroute as much of what you can get to. Sheetrock is cheap, so don't worry too much about walls.

Just for a point of interest, you mentioned an 80 foot run of line with hot water. International Plumbing Code requires a method of maintaining heat in the line of 100 feet in length or longer. You may want to ask someone with your bulding department about this and what the limit is per your adopted code.

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