cracked frost-free sillcock
Posted by Peter Schroeder on May 07, 2004 at 15:49:25:
We have a house with a finished walkout basement. We discovered wet carpet in one of the basement bedrooms the other day. In trying to find the problem, we have determined the problem seems to stem from a frost-free sillcock on the back wall of the house (shared with that same bedroom). When the sillcock is turned on, it sounds like water is running inside the exterior wall and the floor in that bedroom gets wet. When the sillcock is turned off, no water is running (audibly and per the meter) and the water dries up.

My question is, how did this happen and what is the best way to fix it? I watched the video I made of the basement prior to and during the finish and, of course, that sillcock is buried behind a finished marble wall in a bathroom, so going at it from the inside is really not an option.

There don't seem to be any barriers on the outside wall (from that tape) like going through studs or anything, so my thought is to remove some siding, cut a hole in the sheathing, and repair it that way.

Any thoughts on this? How do I make sure this doesn't happen again? Thanks much.

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