Oatey Shower Drain installation
Posted by Ken Mifsud on May 07, 2004 at 00:17:39:
I needed to shorten my roughed in ABS shower drain pipe to fit a 2" ABS Oatey drain. In my effort to shorten the pipe by 7/8", a small piece of the pipe chipped off leaving an uneven jagged top edge. Even though the Oatey drain has 3/4" before it "seats" on the the inner rim seat, which would easily cover the uneven edge, I'm reluctant to install the drain without a perfectly smooth and level drain pipe top edge. If I try again and cut below the jagged edge I'll be too short for my plywood floor. Any suggestions on what to do, short of hiring a plumber? Also, When I test-fitted the Oatey drain over the ABS drain pipe it was extremely tight and I wasnt sure I'd be able to push the drain down the 3/4" so that it would be "seated" on the inner rim. Will the ABS solvent melt the ABS so that the drain will easily slide down the pipe and seat?

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