Re: Hot Mopping a shower - is it necessary?
Posted by jimbo on May 06, 2004 at 22:27:54:
In response to Re: Hot Mopping a shower - is it necessary?
: I agree with the others that hot mopping the floor is old technology and definitley not the most long lasting. You do definitely need to build a completely waterproof pan for your shower. Water "resistant" doesn't cut it. I believe the PVC liner is the easiest to use today. Make sure to run it 6 " up the sides and over the curb. See for very good pictorial instructions on how to do this. Green board is "moisture resistant". It is for use NEAR damp areas, not IN WET areas like a shower. The shower walls need to have a moisture barrier such as 6mil plastic or 15 pound felt applied over the studs, then a cement mortar foundation, or , easier, cement backer board applied in accordance with manufacturers instructions and local codes. Then the tile and grout on the walls, mortar floor base screeded for slope on the floor, then floor tiles. [ Actually most people tile the floor before the walls; I forgot to organize my dissertation!]

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