Septic Drain High H20
Posted by Cec on May 06, 2004 at 18:46:26:
We really could use your advice. While adding an addition to our home, the contractor severed a red clay septic pipe. He said that the pipe was not the main drain field pipe. However, since then the basement sometimes gets a septic odor. It appears to be coming through the interior french drain. We live in an area with a very high water table on the bottom of a mountain. The last year has been a record precipation year for the area. To make matters worse, a natural spring drains into our yard that sometimes saturates the septic drain field. We probably live on what once was a creekbed thousands of years ago. The septic system has been cleaned and a drain will be installed this summer for the water problem from the spring. What is your advice to see if the septic drain field is working properly? Would a camera inspection help?

Thanks so much for any advice,

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