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Posted by e-plumber on May 06, 2004 at 16:17:53:
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: I want to move my washer to a room where there's a lavatory about 6ft away. Can I just TEE off of the 1 1/2 in. PVC drain line for the lavatory (between the trap & the wall) to the washer? This would mean the stack at the washer would be about 2ft high before going through a trap then making a horizontal run to the lavatory connection. What does the slope from the washer drain to the lavatory drain need to be?

There are several things to consider; the lavatory drain is probably only 1-1/2", a WM requires 2", that's your main obstacle. Then consider the venting for the new WM trap and standpipe. You must also think about suds backing up into the lavatory drain with an installation like this. If it's not done properly from the start, you may end up with major headaches.
Hire a licensed plumber in your area & get his/her opinion, this job also needs to be filed, inspected and approved by the building dept., even if you do it yourself.

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