Re: Replaced well pump - Debris coming out of the faucets
Posted by ST on May 06, 2004 at 15:59:38:
In response to Re: Replaced well pump - Debris coming out of the faucets
: They sure want a lot for a new pressure tank! unless it's LARGE.

It isn't large. Actually, I think it's a 20 gallon tank, same size as the one to be replaced. He showed us the price list from Goulds. The larger tank, 32 gallons, retails for $410. The 20 gallon one I think it's about $330.

I know this guy gets the 20 gallon tank for well under $200 but WHERE are we going to buy it for that price ourselves? And even if we could, we just don't have the skills to install it.

We keep hearing that cheaper tanks, like the ones HomeDepot sells, are not a good choice, that they won't last long.

Contractors tell you "I'm not trying to make you spend money BUT..." and then one winds up spending a fortune because there's nothing one can do.

We are not DIYers. Been city rats all our lives until we bought this house in rural So. NH and, let me tell you, every time something needs repair/replacement it's a nightmare. Finding honest contractors ain't easy, you know.


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