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Posted by Corey on May 06, 2004 at 12:16:56:
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: : I am putting a toilet in my basement and the only access for the drain is a floor drain. I realize in order to tie into this drain I would have to remove the P trap. Can I jack hammer around the pipe or could this break the pipe?

: : Thanks
: : Corey

: Hi Corey, what provisions do you have for a vent?

: Yes it can be done provided the drain is large enough (Min 3")

Hi Sylvan,

Thank you for response. The floor drain is approximately 4ft away from the existing vent. This has all the drains from upstairs draining into it.

There is also a sink and a washer draining in to the same 3 inch drain. I don't want to build the floor up if I don't have to.

I also have a box in the floor beside the 3 inch drain and it has a 3 inch clean out. On the bottom of the box it has a 6 inch cap of some sort. I am not sure if these are clean outs for the drain that tie into the street or if they are the old septic system.

Any suggestions where I might be able to tie in the toilet besides the floor drain?

Look forward to your response.


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