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Posted by e-plumber on May 06, 2004 at 07:32:48:
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: I am installing a bathroom in my basement. A plumber recommended a 'quick vent'. I assume that this is an air admittance valve.
: If so, do I need one valve for the toilet, one valve for the bath, and one for the sink, or can they be tied together above the bathroom (in the joists) and run over to a storage area (4-6 feet away)?

: Can the ejector pump be tied in to one of these valves?
: Do you even recommend these valves?
: Also, how much do the vents cost?

: Thanks for the help.
: Jeff
: PS: Can you please respond to my email address (as well as msg board)?

Some plumbing codes do not permit these mechanical devices.
The AAV's are not expensive but most, if not all licensed plumbers do not use them unless a particular job is spec'd out to use them as part of an installation or code violation correction.

The job that you described needs to be filed, inspected and approved by the building dept.
As for the sewer ejector vent, all the installation manuals specify the vent from the tank needs to penetrate the roof line, here without any other connections to it, but your local plumbing inspector may give some leeway whether or not the other fixture vents can tie into the line going through the roof from the sewer ejector tank.

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