Re: Replaced well pump - Debris coming out of the faucets
Posted by Gary Slusser on May 05, 2004 at 23:44:02:
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: Yes. We will do the water test next week. We want to wait until the pressure tank is replaced. The same person who replaced the pump will install a new pressure tank (this one must be over 20 years old and it's rusting all over and the valves and pipes next to it don't look good either).

: We bought this house two years ago and didn't think we'd have to replace the pump so soon...

: Anyway, the well repair guy suggested installing a filter. We don't know what to do. Didn't expect to be spending this kind of money ($880 so far for the new pump installed and this Saturday we'll have to pay something like $550 for the new pressure tank installed). We're in NH, by the way.

: Thank you very much for your input. Now I fill a lot better. It'd be so sad not to have that wonderful tasting water.

: Sarah

They should have told you to run the water off using a garden hose or two where you don't want to kill vegetation and not into a septic tank/system. And they should have cleaned the tubing and cable as they dropped it down the well. The machine was probalby an Up-Z-Dazey(sp?) or something 2000 that sits on the well casing or above it but a Pul-A-Pump with its tracks is better. :)

They sure want a lot for a new pressure tank! unless it's LARGE.

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