Another Q for Sylvan
Posted by Tcannon on May 05, 2004 at 20:25:45:
In response to Another Q for Sylvan
: : Any difference in application between wye's and sanitary drain T's. Ie. 4x4x2 wye vs. 4x4x1 1/2 sanitary (red)?

: Depends whch direction your going. Some codes do not allow a sanitary tee on the horiziontal.

: Vertical to horiziontal should be ok

Basically, I;m running a horizontal 1 1/2 drain line into either, the sanitary fitting is shorter(in vertical height) and would be better, as the wye fitting is much larger in size and would be maybe higher than the sloping drain line will allow. I can only get (approx 13) inches at max off the floor for the drain line in basement level, I'm running about 10 feet horizontally over to the main stack, so I will have to tie in somewhere around a foot or so off the floor, where I'm looking at 5 inches of cast iron, with a fernco transition above to pvc....Thus, I'd like to use the sanitary 4x4x 1 1/2 fitting cause its short, but only if it'll work....

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