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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 05, 2004 at 19:47:37:
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: : : We want to keep the present bathroom cabinet, but would like it to be higher. We were thinking about putting a new counter top over the old, putting in dowels or such to raise the height. The problem is the sink. How would we either find a sink deep enough to reach the plumbing from the old sink, or are there deeper sinks that would be useable if we put in a counter about 6" higher than the present counter?

: : WHOAAAAAAAA there Bucko.

: : Raising the sink 6" may not seem to be a big deal If one couldn't care less about VENTING and something calls "FLOOD LEVEL RIM" But of course many so called plumbers could careless about codes or even think about for every action there is a reaction.

: : Some folks only install a vent 4" above the fixture thus if you raise the sink 6" higher you now created an illegal hook up.

: : But shhhhhhhh dont say anything you certainly do not want to confuse folks with facts

: Interesting, thus for their set up to work, folks would need to know the location of the vent. I've seen some of these vents go straight up into say an attic then over to stack, that's gotta be more than 4 or 6 inches, so I guess the point is to look into this issue first before raising your cabinet.....

Hi Jimbo, Sylvia did not state which floor this was (main second or top)

I have seen to many folks talking short cuts of placing the vent only 4" above the flood level and not the proper 6" (min)

So rather then assume the vent I just threw in some facts about flood level as opposed to over flow plummin does have its moments especially if this vent is not in the best condition can you imagine trying to trouble shoot a leak here?

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