Re: Replaced well pump - Debris coming out of the faucets
Posted by Hube on May 05, 2004 at 18:13:43:
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: Hi all,

: A well repair guy replaced our well pump (a 1994 Goulds pump) Two days ago.

: He and his assistant used some kind of apparatus with three wheels to pull the pump out. They said the axle inside the pump was not turning. They put in a new Goulds pump of the same size and water problem solved BUT now there is quite a bit of debris (mainly bits of leaves, pine needles and sand) coming out of the faucets.

: Is this normal? (When they pulled the pump out, about 200 ft of black house had to lie on the ground while they replace the pump). These people poured 1 gallon of household bleach in the well and told us not to drink the water for 24 hours.

: Our water used to be better than spring water, now I don't know if we'll ever get pure, uncontaminated water from our well again.

: My question: Do all well contractors lie the black house on the ground? Do they just clean it with a rag as it goes back in the well and that's that?

: Thanks for any advice,

: ST
The bleach should kill any bacteria. Normally when putting the line back down ,they should have wiped it with a bleach soaked cloth. They used a "tripod Lifter to pull the pump, because its a fair amount of weight to lift. Waiting 24 hours will help "settle this crud down and it should be ok. Have you thought about putting a whole house filter on next to the pressure tank? This will filter any particles,etc. Also,you should take a sample to your local health Lab and get it tested.. This should be done at least once a year. Hube