Re: My complicated DWH system...
Posted by Jacob Boles on May 05, 2004 at 17:40:14:
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Do these valves open/close based on temperature? Could you point me to an exact valve. I can't find anything in the link you gave me.


: Would a TEE with a electric gate valve with a temperature control connected to Cold do this function? Can a gate valve be controlled by an aquastat??

: : Does anyone have any advice?

: No to the aquastat and gate valve.

: You need a butterfly valve or ball valve. Why, with these electric valves you have limit switches built in and you have many, many models to choose from.
: There are makes of electric gate valves and electric sluice gate valves that use torque as the controller. These are used in much larger applications than what you are considering.

: I'd look at site below for some ideas.


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