Replaced well pump - Debris coming out of the faucets
Posted by ST on May 05, 2004 at 17:21:41:
Hi all,

A well repair guy replaced our well pump (a 1994 Goulds pump) Two days ago.

He and his assistant used some kind of apparatus with three wheels to pull the pump out. They said the axle inside the pump was not turning. They put in a new Goulds pump of the same size and water problem solved BUT now there is quite a bit of debris (mainly bits of leaves, pine needles and sand) coming out of the faucets.

Is this normal? (When they pulled the pump out, about 200 ft of black house had to lie on the ground while they replace the pump). These people poured 1 gallon of household bleach in the well and told us not to drink the water for 24 hours.

Our water used to be better than spring water, now I don't know if we'll ever get pure, uncontaminated water from our well again.

My question: Do all well contractors lie the black house on the ground? Do they just clean it with a rag as it goes back in the well and that's that?

Thanks for any advice,