Basement utility tub into main stack
Posted by casman on May 05, 2004 at 10:18:06:
I need to run the drain line over to main stack location.(Vented wth studor vent) I have plastic pipe, with fernco to cast iron stub at floor level. Due to slope etc, I will have to relocate the cleanout higher than the tie in for the utility tub drain. It was suggested I use a 4x4x2 wye, which I think I am then suppossed to reduce to 1 1/2 to connect the utility tub drain line. Q Do they make a 4x4x4 cleanout fitting with additional drain opening in 1? Q1 Does it matter how high up the cleanout is? Q2 Can I also use a 4x4x1 1/2 sanitary fitting, its shorter over all? Q3 Also, for the cleanout, besides the 1 inch answer given at the local plumbing joint, Is there any reason to use a 4x4x4 wye for cleanout vs say a 4x4x3 for cleanout? Q4 Also, I believe I can salvage the cleanout that is presently in place it isn't a wye but essentially a 4x4x4 flat with the cleanout in a horizontal position flat to the fitting? Any difference here besides shape? Hope this is intelligible thanks casman

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