Broken Toilet Flange
Posted by Johnny5 on May 03, 2004 at 22:05:29:
I started replacing the toilet in my home, lower level, it was tilted to one side. It sits on a slab, so I cannot access it from below at all. No crawlspace. The flange and pipe that the toilet was attached to was all PVC, glued together. The flange was warped - causing the toilet to sit unevenly. In taking the toilet offm the flange was broken apart. Now, I am stuck with a broken flange that is uneven and glued into the pvc pipe, leading down into a slab and directly into the ground. Does anyone have any suggestions how to remove the old broken flange and get the toilet mounted securely and evenly, keeping in mind the inability to access the pipe from below to replace it? Thanks for any help!

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