Pressure build-up in water system tank
Posted by Garbid on May 03, 2004 at 21:11:10:
I have a 120 gal. galvanized pressure tank (old-fashioned type without auto air regulator or bladder) fed by a submersible pump. All has worked fine for 11 years (with periodic recharging of the tank when swamped)until recently when I've noticed pressure building-up past the 60 psi cut-off point on the pressure switch (it's set at 40-60) - often to gtreater than 100 psi. This concerned me so I drained the tank and installed a new pressure switch and a new pressure gauge, but when I turned the pump back on, neither the new switch nor the gauge worked. Pressure did build up in the tank, however, which I monitored with a pressure tester mounted on an outlet bib near the tank. My gut tells me that since both of the new devices aren't functioning, there's a blockage in the 1/4' piping from the tank to them (which may well have accounted for the pressure build-up originally, although at least the old switch worked partially before I replaced it), but would appreciate any other views or suggestions from the pros. In the meantime, I am operating the pump manually as needed so I don't burn out the pump motor or blow the tank with excess pressure! Thanks for your help.


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