Price-Pfister bathtub drain plugged
Posted by Linda MOntgomery on May 03, 2004 at 18:19:32:
I sure hope you can help me! My husband tried to snake our plugged drain this morning and made it worse. In an attempt to fix it myself I read some of your threads on plugged drains and removed the plug lever myself, then used a coat hanger with a "V" in the end to try to flip the plug thing I thought was there.

Now I know I should have looked online to see what it looked like inside before inserting the coat hanger. Now that I have, I'm pretty sure the blockage is past where my coat hanger can reach.

Now about 2 feet of the coat hanger is stuck in the pipes. Jiggling it as I rotate it doesn't get me anywhere. I'm guessing it got to the "T" that leads to the shower but I didn't want to force it to straighten the "V" without advice.

Is there anything I could break in there by forcefully pulling the coat hanger out?

I would have called a plumber, but we're trying to get by on one salary in Silicon Valley since I got laid off. Money is tight.

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