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Posted by ED on May 03, 2004 at 17:55:55:
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I agree with e-plumber and Hube on this one.

Without trying to ruffle too many feathers, the lady posted in her first message: "I'm desperately concerned..." That says a lot in itself.

No offense to the lady, but she is biting the hand that feeds her. She should suggest gently, that something needs to be done or simply put up with it or get out. Of course it is NOT unreasonable to do the diluted chlorox and Lysol things...maybe it would be a good gesture if she paid for it. Or offer to do something like cooking and cleaning in exchange for it. She also stated that if she had the money she would NOT pay for a plumber. That is a selfish comment.

But I admit, I am going off topic.

Who said put up or shut up? Those problems are NOT going to kill a person over the short run.
Keep the windows open and the fans running. And be diplomatic with your host about getting the problems solved and offer to help him in any way you can whether financially or otherwise.

: : Reply:
: : How about you stick to plumbing and remodeling advice? Offering employment advice in an area of the world that you have no idea where she is?, this has to be a first for this forum. Maybe you know a relocation service so she can move out of her "filthy living conditons", or maybe you know a motel owner or managing agent that can put her up until the house is deemed "livable". Or maybe you can even be an expert witness to this case and testify during the trial of the landlord and earn another $2,800. Your reply to her original post should have made her afraid to turn on a light switch or walk into the bathroom without wearing a gas mask with all those volatile cancer forming gases swirling around. A little bit overkill as usual Sylvan Tieger. According to her description of the plumbing problems in the house, she needs some basic plumbing repairs done or to move out of the house if the living conditions are as deplorable as she described or you led her to believe they are.
: : e-plumber

: E plumber; As usual, you have given sound advice. I certainly agree with your sum-up of this "individual" who, at some times can be quite informative, but most of the time spends too much time in bragging about HIS accomplishments, job placement for individuals he does't even know, and in general becoming a general nuisance to what use to be a very well run question and answer Forum. Now ,in the past few weeks , this Forum has taken on the appearance of a old, now defunct TV show "this is my life" .Bad enough we have to put up with the porno and crazy advertising, but then this "individual " shows up .....gag, ugh! Hube

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