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Posted by e-plumber on May 03, 2004 at 17:09:20:
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: Hi everyone. First time poster. Your collective expertise would be highly appreciated.

: I'm currently looking at an apt to sublease, and I like the place. The problem I have, is that the showerhead literally just spouts a constant DRIP... call me needy, but I just cant stand a WEAK shower, especially in the morning.

: Is there something I can do to increase the water pressure? (water coming through the bottom is just fine). I know replacing the pipes is the long run solution, but since I'm only going to be there for a short period of time, I'm looking for the most cost effective solution.

: Thanks.

The shower head could possibly have debris in it restricting the water flow. Check with the apartment owner before you disassemble it just in case something breaks in the wall, you're not held liable.

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