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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 03, 2004 at 16:49:53:
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: : We are considering replacing our hot water steam radiator system with hot water baseboard one because my husband thinks the radiators take up too much room. I, however, think the radiators are a superior source of heat. Can anyone enlighten me on the best type of heating? Thanks for any input.

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: Joan, I'm sorry for replying. I forgot that Sylvan Tieger has the "only" correct answers to all questions posted here in this forum and no other suggestions or advice should even be considered.
: He's right, listen to only what he says to do, don't waste the time reading any other replies. Anything else is completely wrong.
: e-plumber

Not true E plumber of course your correct if one could careless about getting the most out of their money in heating BUT personally having heat going into a wall doesn't really impress me.

As far as HJ saying Steam is hotter then water THAT'S a new one as I had better let the NBBI and ASME know that that 250 DEGREE water is HOTTER then Steam especially considering saturated steam has to be around 14 PSI to approach 250 degrees BUT WHY confuse you guys with FACTS.

Steam is steam and it doesn't matter what the pressure is SO lets forget the basics as pressure temperature relationships is not for plumbers as we cant be bothered with FACTS HUH?

How's this E Plumber WE RUN the boiler to you get 1,000 degrees TEMP place all the piping and rads in the walls and this way the walls remain nice and warm as we forget about saving energy or creating dry rot or dust mites and hospital coughs

Hiding elements in a wall never having to worry about convection and knowing NO WAY will people ever put carpeting or furnature infront of this box makes perfect sense.

Cast Iron (rads and baseboards) that holds the heat and have the mass not to make noises and even using "HOT STEAM" still does not give instant blisters when touched.

Beacon/Morriis INC offers a lot of ways to heat a room and some folks even take aesthetics into consideration NOT eveyone wants an inefficient ugly box build into their walls EVEN though it is CHEAP

Stick with fixing shower body's and toilets and leave the highly techinical stuff to HJ as he knows STEAM s hot

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