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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 03, 2004 at 16:18:27:
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: My son has tried several times to fix the leak at the shut off valve located near his hot water tank. This is not the valve for the hot water feed. This is the incoming feed for the whole house. We tried to replace the velve with a new one,but it still leaks. We used PVC pipe cleaner and cement on the repair without any results. Could you please help? Thank you.
: Jerry

Hey Jerry,

You failed to mention where the leak is from (threads or solder joint OR Bonnet)

Lets take the simplest one-first.

If it is the bonnet NUT all you have to do is close the valve loosen the packing gland (nut)remove the old packing and repack with spool Teflon NOT graphite,

(Ask me and I Will explain why)

Then after you put the Teflon on the spindle use the packing nut to tighten it down on the valve stem ... DO it gently and use several short strands facing 180 degrees of each other,

Do not over pack or test your strength on the brass nut,

If you have a thread or solder joint leak depends on which side of the valve what should be done.

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